I'm Laurie Solgon, creator of the Social Sidekick podcast. If you're an entrepreneur or worker bee in transition to being your own boss, this podcast was created for you.

I started my own entrepreneurial journey a few years ago without the slightest idea of what to do or who to ask. Everyone suggested joining a Mastermind group as a way to help me learn and for accountability. Unfortunately I couldn't find one. So I learned the hard way - on my own.

I'm excited to announce my new venture - Podcast Mastermind. Click here to discover how being a part of a mastermind group specifically created for podcasters can enhance not only your podcast, but your business!

Now I interview successful entrepreneurs about what they learned on their journeys so that others may benefit from their experiences and challenges.

We talk about their business strategies, what they do for networking, and what works for them in social media. At the end of each episode I ask my guest to describe a negative incident or problem they had in their life, and how they turned it into a positive learning experience.

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And just to keep the fun going, I also blog about my entrepreneurial journey and my podcast.

Current Blog Post - "And you're not using your LinkedIn profile because . . ."

I have a podcast where I interview entrepreneurs about their journey from worker bee to successful business owner. One of the topics we usually discuss is social media: what works or doesn’t, what platform(s) they like, yada, yada.

What my listeners are saying

  • "Thanks for having me as a guest on your great show! I have been listening for some time, and I have now had the privilege to be on your show. This podcast offers valuable information and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners."

    Great show! - Henry Lopez, How of business

  • "I like hearing the tips that your guests offer, thanks for doing this!"

    Love your guests - Athena Rosette, Alter Ego Podcast

  • "This was an excellent podcast! Greatly appreciate the handwork and time that goes into making this available for us! Keep up the great work!"

    Excellent - Posturedoc

  • "Whether it is an educational episode with Laurie sharing knowledge or a great interview with a small business entrepreneur you will get value! She dives deep and clarifies information - keeping it simple and executable!"

    Actionable strategies for the entrepreneur! - Kay Lathrop, Discover Your Talent Podcast

  • "I love this show with great interviews. Not purely social, but general entrepreneurship and life, too. Great job."

    Very Inspiring - @thisispawprint, Harold Rhee

Laurie Solgon

Laurie Solgon, Host


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