Andrea Waltz, Go for No!
Andrea Waltz has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. She and her husband and business partner Richard Fenton left their corporate jobs and launched their speaking and training business in 1997. Together, they are the authors of several business parables including their bestselling book, Go for No! They hit #1 on Amazon's "Sales" List in 2010, and since then, "Go for No!" has remained in the top 20 list of all books on ‘Selling’. Together Richard and Andrea speak at sales meetings and conventions all over the USA and the UK. Andrea's business advice includes:

  • Have great clarity as to what you want to do and who your customer is so you can figure out where those people are, where they’re hanging out and how to reach them.
  • No matter what business you start you can write a small book that details your expertise, your opinions, and use it as a great business card to share with your potential clients.
  • Be really clear on what you provide, have a quick, targeted, easy to understand pitch that people can give you an answer to.

Go for No!

Andrea Waltz

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