Danie Sanchez, Founder - Free Natives Co.
Danie Sanchez is the founder of Free Natives Co. She is a designer and mentor focused on empowering artists and creative entrepreneurs to cultivate their craft so they can live their dreams full-time.

Through collaboration and confidence-building, Danie helps creatives shine their light. A serial entrepreneur, Danie also provides the business component that most art schools forget.

Danie believes in challenging the world's views and she is determined to #ArtTheWorld - to show the world how everything is art and everyone has a genius. She's also the founder of Meet The Genius, a podcast showcasing emerging creatives who are owning their genius.

Danie's creative feelings:

  • Just because you don’t have 20,000 followers doesn’t mean that you’re not doing something right
  • Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times so joining and being a part of a Facebook group is really beneficial
  • There are a lot of coaches and consultants online but no one is teaching you the basics such as how to set up a website or how to set up your email list

Danie Sanchez

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