DeShawn Fontleroy, Sports Performance Coach
DeShawn Fontleroy is a Sports Performance Coach who helps individuals and groups reach their hopes and dreams, overcome their pains and fears, and destroy all barriers and limitations. He has worked with high school, college, and professional athletes.

Through practical and systematic strategies, DeShawn helps athletes master their confidence, strengthen their mental toughness, increase their social intelligence, and achieve their goals.

Sports Mastery training is not just for athletes. It’s a very intense, in-depth coaching program that requires a high level of accountability and work. It’s specifically designed for athletes who are serious about their sport and who want to take their game to the next level.

DeShawn is the host of Sports Mastery Podcast: The Science of Sports Mastery

DeShawn's mastery tips:

  • If an athlete is failing on the field it means that they don’t have the mental strategies in place.
  • Create a quick video selfie for Instagram introducing your podcast episode.
  • Give things away for free to help build your list such as a newsletter, digital downloads of videos, ebooks, and free consultations.

DeShawn Fontleroy

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