Elaine Benoit, Food Blogger and host of the MaturePreneurial podcast
At the age of four, Elaine had the chutzpah to take flowers from a random front yard and sell them to the people in her neighborhood, including the owners of the flowers.

She has tried her hand at different entrepreneurial ventures throughout her life, including her own massage practice. She enjoys writing for her food blog, dishes delish and her latest venture is a podcast called MaturePreneurial where she interviews older successful entrepreneurs to help and inspire other like aged people to start their own entrepreneurial adventure.

Elaine's blogging tips:

  • Try to hook people in to the blog by the first photos that they see.
  • You want comments enabled on your blog because it actually ranks you higher on Google.
  • She includes a button on her site so that readers can go to the recipe directly in case they don’t want to read the blog post.

Elaine Benoit

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