Hilary Hendershott, Certified Financial Planner and Podcaster
Hilary Hendershott is the founder of Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management, the leading financial advisory firm for women. Hilary’s mission is to motivate women to be financially empowered.

She has worked for more than 15 years with women who want to preserve their wealth, make it grow, and eliminate financial stress once and for all.

Hilary is also the host of Profit Boss Radio, a weekly podcast where Hilary and her guests offer actionable advice, inspiration and authentic stories to support women in their financial journey.

Hilary's thoughts about money include:

  • You can have really good intentions with money but really bad results. It comes down to behavior and psychology.
  • She wants to make an impact with how people relate to their money, how they interact with their money, and their experience around their money.
  • Her mission is to empower a million women to become millionaires and she helps fulfill that mission by writing and speaking.

Hilary Hendershott

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