James Newcomb, MusicPreneur: Making Money Making Music Podcast
James Newcomb is the host of the MusicPreneur podcast, a coach and consultant, a speaker, and a trumpet player.

His objective is to add value to the music world and help to solve the problem of how musicians can monetize their skills in this always changing world.

James feels that that's the essence of entrepreneurship: to solve problems for a profit. And why limit it to trumpet players? The principles of entrepreneurship apply to anyone, and any instrument.

James's 6 principles:

  1. Be a musician first and trust that the music will follow
  2. Be an entrepreneur, not an employee, have that entrepreneurial mindset
  3. Be innovative, think outside the box
  4. Be healthy, eat well, get enough sleep
  5. Be aware of the blessings of liberty
  6. Be an individual, be yourself, realize that you have gifts to share

James Newcomb

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