Kim Johnston, Aussie Cordial
Kim Johnston, CEO and Founder of Aussie Cordial. Kim arrived in the US in 2006 from Australia and was shocked to find the main choices of beverages to be sugar laden soft drinks with horrific ingredients.

As a woman, and a single mom, Kim was determined to buck the system, so she set about creating a healthy, economical and environmentally friendly family drink.

Kim's mission is to contribute to a world without sugar addiction, diabetes or obesity; a world with a clean ocean and environment. She wants to disrupt the beverage industry and influence both those before us, and those after us, to make strong and empathetic environmental decisions.

Kim's Aussie tips:

  • One way to promote products is to make an investment to have your products included in the gifting suite at the Academy Awards ceremony.
  • Invest in a very high quality business card because that’s the first impression people get of you because and appearances count.
  • is an innovative platform where you can display your products making it easier for the big stores to find you.

Kim Johnston

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