Kristin Barnes, Dynamic Sales Coach
Kristin Barnes is an expert in her field as a professional motivational speaker and trainer. With a wide array of business development courses, presentations and training programs that stretch far beyond that of a simple business coach she offers effective, engaging and collaborative instruction for entrepreneurs, business owners and companies.

Her true strength lies in her ability to inspire and motivate her audiences while expanding their ability to communicate more effectively.

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, professional singer, speaker, coach, and corporate trainer, she offers a powerfully unique and fresh perspective to the art of business presentation.

Kristin's dynamic counseling:

  • Always get a mentor or a business coach because that revolutionizes everything
  • We were all brought here for a purpose and we all have a gift to give, to move this world forward
  • Marketing is a skill set, good marketing is effective not necessarily creative

Kristin Barnes

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