Laurie Solgon, Host of this podcast, Public Speaker, and Mastermind Facilitator
In celebration of reaching 100 episodes of this podcast, Laurie offers a special episode about her audition for TEDx Tucson. Each TEDx Tucson audition talk is limited to 10 minutes. Laurie forgot to bring a tripod for her iPhone or to ask anyone to record her talk.

When you're promoting yourself as a professional public speaker, it's a good idea to have a sample of various speeches on your website. Unfortunately, she didn't think ahead to have it recorded. So she's giving her audition talk again for this episode, and with more detail.

Laurie's "Be Prepared" tips include:

  • Don't forget to record presentations whether it's an audition or the real thing. If the quality isn't what you hope, editing is your friend.
  • It's much easier to give a speech in front of an audience. You get reactions, and can feed off of the crowd. It's creates a better energy level.
  • Find out about your medical history BEFORE you get sick. Knowledge is power and knowing your medical history just might save your life.

Leslie Nolan


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