Lisa Dadd, Author, speaker and strategist
Lisa is a strategist, speaker, and author of the book “Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion”. Lisa decided to walk away from a successful, fifteen-year career in the corporate world because of the constant dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment with her job started to spill over into the rest of her life

Currently, Lisa writes, consults and speaks on topics related to life and career redesign. Combining that same fifteen years of strategic business skills with real-life experience, Lisa provides practical, relevant advice for anyone tired of feeling stuck and ready to take action.

Lisa's fabulous finds include:

  • Willingness for people that are out there who are a little bit stuck and not sure where to go, get some clarity to give yourself a bit of willingness and as you go down the path your willingness will grow with your awareness.
  • Give yourself a 30 day finding fabulous challenge where every day you find something fabulous such as taking a salsa class or joining an improv group.
  • Don’t use your networking time to “sell someone”. Use it to add value. Find some really great conferences that you’re interested in and go there to meet like minded people because networking is different there.

Lisa Dadd

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