Mandy Davis, Ingrain Social Media
Starting out at a young age in a sales environment, Mandy Davis quickly found a passion for business and customer relations. She has been recognized for several sales achievements and earned several promotions along the way. After leaving the corporate business model, Mandy ran a successful sewing business and blog mastering the art of marketing and social media. With this knowledge and experience in mind, Mandy created Ingrain Social Media. Mandy's business advice includes:

  • Drop the expectation of the numbers, followers, etc. and just have fun with the platform that you like best or what works best for you.
  • Get active on LinkedIn. Genuinely interact with people and get to know what they do. Find out where they fit in the community business environment.
  • Be stern with people if they’re trying to sell you something instead of networking. Let them know that that’s not how networking works.

Mandy Davis

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