Monica Wisdom, Chief Storyteller, Founder - Conscious Business Living
Monica Wisdom Tyson's adventurous spirit has taken her in many different directions and avenues including cosmetology. After mastering her craft she joined the prestigious team of educators at Sebastian International. She later became the Director of Education for Salon Resources, the distributor for Sebastian International, where she designed classes, workshops and product launches.

In the mist of all sorts of various activities, Monica was called to go on a spiritual sojourn and she knew it was time to excavate and heal her traumatic childhood. This led her into a deep spiritual study of the Divine Feminine and Transcendental Meditation.

Her teachers have guided Monica, strengthened her foundation and given her a platform to heal, teach and lift others up with love, grace, wisdom and acceptance.

Monica's spiritual musings include:

  • One of the great ways to empower yourself is to tell your story.
  • Trauma stays in your body and it can set up blocks from your success. We need to remove that so that we can eventually help others do the same thing.
  • Old school things such as having conversations and talking to people are the best. Then allow social media to support that because it's important to have a relationship before you do business with people.

Monica Wisdom

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