Natasha Grey, The Conscious Living podcast & Children's book author
Natasha Grey is the host of The Conscious Living podcast and is the author of the highly acclaimed children’s book, 'Everyday Superheroes'

She feels that when you’re really passionate about something and really want to help people, it comes out and people want to know where that energy comes from. People pick up on that energy, and it becomes contagious.

Natasha says to take your pain, and take your stories and use it for the greater good to serve other people; to turn it around and inspire.

Natasha's conscious thoughts:

  • Words that you use have a very powerful impact on the unconscious mind
  • Figure out what you’re good at by asking your family and friends, and delegate the rest
  • Get the word out by talking to people and allow it to go at it’s own pace, organically

Natasha Grey

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