Rob Lawrence, Inspirational Creatives
Rob Lawrence is a British podcaster, audio producer, and a certified life coach who helps creative entrepreneurs and business leaders embrace the power of sound. He is the host of the Inspirational Creatives Podcast and is dedicated to creating, what he calls "immersive listening experiences". Rob has been a podcast host for the last two years.

In a previous life, Rob was a manager working in finance, marketing and technology, by day, and, by night, he helped artists and musicians who had made the decision to give up everything for what they believed in.

Inspired, Rob did the same thing by leaving a six-figure salary in Australia to explore his passion in sound, music and coaching which has lead to the work that he does today: helping people to listen, be heard and to share their stories in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Rob's coaching advice:

  • Business problems are really just personal problems in disguise
  • Sometimes when you look at the life side of things, you find that it’s the business side that’s not working
  • Listen to what people say and absorb it but always go with your gut feeling

Rob's current social media favorite is which is "radio by the people, where any voice can join the conversation."

Rob Lawrence

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