Robert Gignac, Author of "Rich is a State of Mind"
Robert Gignac is a highly sought-after speaker, combining knowledge, passion and visuals to encourage people to take control of their personal finances and to have a "Richly Imagined Future."

Robert’s presentations aren’t just about money. By taking the intimidation and dryness out of financial planning, he illustrates the importance of perspective and challenges his audiences to courageously paint their own picture of what RICH really means.

Audiences across North America continually give Robert rave reviews for his unique way of connecting his message for long-lasting effect. His presentations share laughs, honest reflections and clearly address the misunderstandings and ignorance around financial planning.

Robert's financial words of wisdom:

  • His goal is for people to have a better financial outcome with the money that they earn.
  • Make better decisions with your money today so that you'll have a better future tomorrow.
  • Reframe the money mindset at a fundamental level as a guide to transform the illusions surrounding wealth.

Robert Gignac

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