Sabrina Cadini, La Dolce Idea Weddings & Soirees, & Wedding Entrepreneur Coach
Sabrina Cadini is an event designer and planner, and founder of La Dolce Idea Weddings & Soirees. Thanks to her passion for creativity and uniqueness, an abundant knowledge of event design, and long-time experience in the wedding industry, Sabrina helps wedding couples, social / corporate clients and non-profit organizations translate their vision into memorable experiences.

Sabrina is also a business coach for creative and wedding entrepreneurs. Her coaching programs include everything needed to create a signature brand, be profitable, and achieve an optimal life-work balance for increased productivity.

An avid live broadcaster and social media fan, Sabrina shares her expertise about event planning and productivity tips thanks to her life-work balance strategies on different platforms.

Sabrina's unique and creative thoughts:

  • Being part of a professional association is a good way to create great relationships and allows you to stand out and increases your reputation
  • With live video people can see who you are, they listen to you, they can ask you questions, people love the live interaction.
  • When you do live video, you're not hiding behind a website or logo.

Sabrina Cadini

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