Terra Winston, inTerract Consulting
Terra Winston, Ringleader of inTerractions and Principal of inTerract Consulting, has dedicated her life to helping her clients unleash the potential of each employee.

She is a leadership consultant and executive coach with 20 years of internal and external business consulting experience. Terra has a flexible style that has driven results in boardrooms and on plant floors, for Fortune 100 companies and small start-ups, alike.

Terra’s successful approach comes from her unique blend of "hard" and "soft" business skills.

Terra's topics:

  • Sometimes the planning process is just an excuse to not go out there and do the stuff that feels scary.
  • Particularly for introverts, half of the challenge is to have the people that know you and already like you and respect you, help them understand what you do so that they can be better advocates for you and refer you to other people.
  • Not only is networking a numbers game, it's also a connection game.

Terra Winston

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