Terry Gremaux, The Hashtag Hunter
Terry Gremaux is an entrepreneurial leader, training business owners worldwide how to use free social media strategies to grow their market presence & business revenue.

He’s shared the stage with top industry-leaders and he’s supported the explosion of countless worldwide businesses.

He’s been seen on ABC, NBC, Fox & CBS. Terry is an expert at helping you expand your positive business presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.

Terry's social media marketing tips include:

  • All of your social media channels are like spokes leading to your email list. Use your list to market to your subscribers daily. Your #1 goal on social media is to get people on your email list.
  • People think leads make money, and they don’t. Leads are like product on the shelf. If no one comes in the door, those products can’t be converted into dollars.
  • Instagram as a platform is a monster especially for millennials because they communicate through pictures.

Terry Gremaux

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