Yuri Cataldo, Creative Entrepreneur and Podcaster
Yuri is a Yale-trained set & costume designer with credits on Broadway, feature and indie films, theatre, and opera. In 2011 he founded IndigoH2O, the only multiple award winning bottled alkaline water in the world.

Named one of the 40 under 40 business leaders in Indiana for bootstrapping IndigoH2O, Yuri mentors artists and students, and lectures at Princeton, Stanford, Notre Dame and other universities. He also speaks at conferences about the connection between art and entrepreneurship.

Yuri is the host of the Advance Your Art podcast, which focuses on the journey from artist to creative entrepreneur.

Yuri's creative inspirations include:

  • In preparation for launching IndigoH20, he spent months reading every business book he could get his hands on, networking and talking with as many entrepreneurs as he could.
  • He used Google Adwords to draw people to his company because he wanted to market directly to consumers online.
  • Social media can be a great tool as long as you use it properly and focus in on the social media that your target market is going to use.

Yuri Cataldo

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