And you're not using your LinkedIn profile because . . .

I have a podcast where I interview entrepreneurs about their journey from worker bee to successful business owner. One of the topics we usually discuss is social media: what works or doesn’t, what platform(s) they like, yada, yada.
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Niche It Down!

I went to Podcast Movement 2017 a couple of weeks ago in Anaheim. It was my second year. These people really know how to put on a conference. It was awesome.
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Be Prepared

I was a girl scout. I was a girl scout for many years. I started as a Brownie and went all the way through to become a Cadet and then a Senior. That was in high school. The Girl Scout motto is “Be prepared”.
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Just Listen

To be, or not to be, a writer. That is the question. I’m a member of a local bloggers group. During one meeting, we had a mutual friend present his blogging exercise to the assembled bloggers and wannabe bloggers where you generate titles and subjects for 64 blog posts.
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Surprising Rewards

I love rewards. From the fortune inside the cookie after a Chinese meal, to the discounts I get when shopping at Costco. But these rewards are small potatoes to the rewards that life offers us.
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Want to be truly successful as an entrepreneur? Start with a Mastermind Group

Being an entrepreneur can be a very rewarding and also a lonely experience. Many of us start out as a single in the sense that we have a product, service, or idea, but no business partner to join us on our entrepreneurial journey.
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Be the Queen (or King) of Reinvention

If you’ve paid attention to the news in the last few years you might have heard that Millennials coming out of college are having a hard time finding jobs. Many of them have moved back in with their parents.
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Reasons why sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty

"Naughty". That’s one of the songs in Matilda the Musical. The music and lyrics were written by Tim Minchen. The song is about story, and if things don’t go as you want or planned, just change your story. Words of wisdom.
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I am a Thought Leader (Not just yet, but I’m working on it!)

Here comes my rant on things that I’ve heard in podcast episodes (yes I’m guilty too but I’m working on them), bad habits for your podcast website, and how you can fix them. Let’s get started.
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13 accountability principles that can motivate you!

Have you ever started a project and lost interest in it before it was finished? Cut out a pattern of material to sew a dress and never did the sewing part? How about buying the paint to update the trim on your house and the bucket and brush are still in the garage?
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The importance of influence for your business – take your great content and stretch it 7 different ways

Did you know that you were a content creator? Well you are. Whether you have a product or service or some other entrepreneurial venture, at one point you have or will create content for that business about that product or service.
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5 powerful things I’ve learned podcasting

It’s been a year since I published my first podcast episode. Here are 5 powerful things I’ve learned recording the first 52 episodes.
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It’s all about who you know, isn’t it?

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a Podcast Movement 2016 (PM16). I always like sitting in the front row because:

  • a, I’m short and
  • b, I’m vertically challenged.

By the way did I mention that I’m under tall? I'm petitioning the powers that be to have a new law added to the list of Murphy’s Laws. Here’s my proposed law:

“No matter where a short person is sitting, the tallest person in the joint will sit down right in front of shorty”.
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What is that rusty, squeaking noise?

The lemonade that I’ve made my life’s lemons from is sour. I keep trying to dump in more sugar but it’s no use. How did I get here? My life was so well planned. I went to college, got good jobs, got laid off from good jobs, found new good jobs, and now after all of these years my skill set is rusty. How did I get here?
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Hey it’s only my opinion

Broken links. This is one of my pet peeves. When I do research on my podcast guests I “kick the tires” on their websites. I’m amazed at the number of broken links that I find. Really? Aren’t they trying to run a business? So full disclosure. I’m a software engineer and I’m detail oriented. You have to be otherwise the software you code may not work and that would be really bad. And embarrassing. And costly. So when I go to a guest’s website I click everything I can possibly click.
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Your questions answered.

What is the best way to promote my or I should say their business online?

The answer is it depends. In most cases the answer will be “it depends”. I say this because in most cases you have to gather more information before you can really give a good answer. But here are some things that I’ve found to be true.

First off, make sure you have a website. Don’t rely on something like Facebook alone to market your business. You need a professional website and I don’t mean using Wix or Weebly or any other do-it-yourself web designing tool. They are great sites but they also will have their name at the bottom or YOUR site. If you can code, do it yourself. If you can’t, hire a professional.
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If you don't know what you want to do, where do you get ideas?

When I started this podcast, I wanted to cover topics that I had lived through in starting my own business. To recap, I started a social media marketing company after I was laid off of my job as a software engineer. I could have started a company doing software for other people but experience told me that you needed to have a niche in order to build a client base. For example, if I had been working and developing human resources software or mortgage processing software, it would have been easier to show a history and track record in those industries. With social media marketing I could use my existing computer skills.
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