I went to Podcast Movement 2017 a couple of weeks ago in Anaheim. It was my second year. These people really know how to put on a conference. It was awesome. I met people who flew in from Australia, people who made and starred in a documentary about podcasts, and I even sat next to a woman, who when I asked her if she was at Podcast Movement 2016 last year in Chicago, said she wasn’t because she had a schedule conflict. This was unfortunate because she lives near Chicago. So, of course I asked her where she lives, and it’s actually the suburb that I grew up in. In fact, her office is on the second floor of a building that housed a drug store that I worked during high school. Small world, as they say.


Between the different tracts, sessions, and topics, there was something for everyone. And that’s how it should be. I met tons of podcasters and other industry people and the theme that comes up over and over again is niche. It seems that the more niche-y (is that a word) a podcast is, the larger the audience. Some of the more popular podcasts were about chameleons, horses, pens & pencils, and the Chicago Cubs. I hung out with that Cubs podcaster at one of the receptions because I saw a bunch of guys wearing Cubs caps and I have to crash their group because I was wearing my Wrigley Field hoodie. Two of the guys with Cubs caps on weren’t podcasters but this podcast’s fans who lived nearby and came over to meet their favorite podcaster. How cool is that?


During one of the sessions, I had an epiphany. My podcast is in the entrepreneur niche. But I realized that my niche is not niche-y enough. So, I’m toying with the idea of starting a new podcast. Actually, I’m not toying, I’m planning. Here are a couple of ideas I thought of.

New podcast idea #1 - I have a friend who’s a marathon runner and always goes to Disneyland or Disneyworld when she’s in California or Florida respectively, for marathons. She and her husband have yearly passes and when I say they go to Disneyland, they GO to Disneyland. A few times a year. They’ve done all of the “behind the scenes” tours that yearly passholders get to do. I thought I’d call this podcast “Disney Runner”. We could talk about running, marathons, and all things Disney. Nah.

New podcast idea #2 - I have another friend who used to be associated with a greyhound rescue and she’s had up to 6 greyhounds at one time, as pets over the years. I have pugs that I get from a pug rescue. How about a podcast called Grey/Pug and we chat about all things greyhounds and pugs. Nah.


And then the third idea was THE idea. What will this new podcast be about? I ain’t telling. At least not yet. I’m doing research on the subject, working on my editorial calendar, designing the show logo, and working on the website. Oh, and as an afterthought, I’ll actually be recording episodes at some point. Of course I’m going to have episodes. It would be kind of goofy to have a podcast without any podcast episodes now wouldn’t it?

I love the process of creating a new podcast. Sometimes it’s more fun than actually doing the podcast. Creativity can be so rewarding. I highly recommend creating something. Anything. It doesn’t have to be a podcast. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

When I created my first podcast I did a few months of training and educating myself, recorded 10 episodes before I went live, and had a little bit of a glitch getting it into iTunes. The glitch was not doing the proper steps to get it into iTunes. Once I figured out the magic steps, it showed up in iTunes. That was an exciting day, seeing my podcast in iTunes. And my podcast is also in other places such as Stitcher and Google Play.

I also found out that my podcast lives all over the world because there are podcast aggregators that search the internet and link to podcasts such as Radiopublic. Squeal! I always wondered how people in China, India, and Poland found my podcast.


If you’re a podcaster or entrepreneur, do you have a niche? Is your niche niche-y enough to be successful? Is it your passion or just a side activity? These questions are mostly rhetorical. Think about them. Rethink your enterprises. And when you’re done thinking about it, do you need to niche on down some more? If you’re not sure, listen to some of the entrepreneurs that I’ve interviewed on my podcast. Or listen to other podcasts. Or read some blogs. Get some inspiration from new sources. Or just enjoy a podcast about chameleons or pens. You never know what’ll blow your skirt up.

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