Podcast Movement impromptu conversations
When I attended Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago in July, I lugged my Zoom 5 recorder and my two ATR 2100 mics with me because I wanted to record some impromptu chats with other podcasters and attendees. I chose to do very little editing so as to capture the background noise and sounds of the conference.

The interviewees:

Rob Oddi Cornell Thomas Chris Lewis
  • Rob Oddi, seasoned and innovative organizational change management consultant, coach, and speaker.
  • Cornell Thomas, speaker, coach, motivator, world changer, free thinker, lion, doer, giver, and active dreamer.
  • Chris Lewis , co-host of the Dad Spotlight podcast - Amazing Dads Raising Remarkable, and host of The Law School Insider podcast

Podcast Movement 2016

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