August 12, 2016

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a Podcast Movement 2016 (PM16) session. I always like sitting in the front row because:

  • a, I’m short and
  • b, I’m vertically challenged.

By the way did I mention that I’m under tall? I'm petitioning the powers that be to have a new law added to the list of Murphy’s Laws. Here’s my proposed law:

“No matter where a short person is sitting, the tallest person in the joint will sit down right in front of shorty”.

Grrrr! But I digress.

In the front row to my right was a gentleman, and to his right was an empty seat and then a woman. At the appropriate time I raised my hand to ask a question. This question was about promoting a book that I’m writing. You see, that book will have nothing to do with the subject of my podcast or blog so I wanted to know how to “promote it” on my podcast and blog. In response to my question the speaker asked my name. I replied “Laurie”. The woman two seats down shifted in her seat and looked at me. I have great peripheral vision by the way. Keeping my eyes on the podium, the speaker then asked me my last name. I replied “Solgon”. I saw the woman two seats down jumped a little off her chair. The speaker then replied “Laurie Solgon, who’s book is about . . .”. While the speaker was answering my question, the woman two seats down passed me a note stating “I’ve been looking all over for you!”. Yikes!

Did I owe her money? Had I flirted with her husband? Did she have something against redheads (even though she’s a redhead too)?

After the session ended she introduced herself as Carole Sanek (Butterfly Boom Productions). Here comes the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (google it). Or in this case, the Three degrees of Laurie Solgon.

I met Joel Boggess (Relaunch Podcast) at Social Media Marketing World 2015. Great guy. We’ve kept in touch. He was at PM16 and I ran into him. While we were catching up, I told him about the book that I was writing about the letters my dad wrote my mom when he was in the army during World War II (WWII). Joel is a friend of Carole’s. Both of them were presenters at PM16. Carole has a WWII project/podcast and when Joel told her about my book project, she was interested in talking to me about the letters and my forthcoming book. What are the odds? That’s why Carole was looking for me. She wanted to connect about the WWII stuff.

Three Degrees of Laurie Solgon – Laurie, Joel, Carole. Boom!

It’s all about networking. That’s why I ask each guest that I interview on my Social Sidekick podcast about their networking. Or lack thereof. You never know who someone else knows and who that other someone can connect you with. So get to know your connections – as people, not customers. Whenever I have a one on one, I get to know the other One. I don’t want to get or give a sales pitch or watch their multilevel marketing video. It’s just them and me. Hence the name of the activity.

One on one.

Dave Young, (Shortcut Content) who’s been a guest on my podcast has a happy hour type event every Friday called Worthless Bastards XVI. The absolute #1 rule that CANNOT be broken is (insert drumroll sound effect here) no business cards. Just get to know the people that show up. How fun is that? No pressure, no business, just friendly personal networking and making new friends. As it should be.

What I’ve learned in my journey as a podcaster is that it’s all about community. It’s all about relationships. And we’ve expanded that community through social media. There’s no going back. It’s full speed ahead.

It’s also all about learning. If you have a question or want to learn about a particular subject, just ask someone on Facebook or LinkedIn. You’ll get a quicker answer than if you texted your closest besties.

Last year a networking friend of mine and I decided that we would be happy to do networking full time, just as long as we could make a living at it. So far no one’s offered to cover our salaries by hanging out at bars or other events. But we’re still keeping those flames of hope alive.

Getting back to my Three Degrees, both Joel and Carole are podcasters and podcasters are some of the most generous people on the planet. I can’t speak for podcasters on other planets though. I only hang around this Solar System. Podcasters are generous with their advice, their time, their experiences, and their knowledge. I love my podcasting community because, we’re family. Some peeps have been podcasting for years, others are just starting.

Learn from your community. Connect and build relationships. Volunteer, help out, organize. Start a movement or join one. Because at the end of the day - it’s all about who you know.

Isn’t it.

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